Edwards at AVS 2012

The Edwards Group Limited, a manufacturer of vacuum products and abatement systems, will showcase its vacuum solutions on Booth 513, at the 59th AVS international symposium and exhibition, at the Tampa Convention Center, Florida, October 28 – 2 November 2012.

Edwards’ will be showcasing its array of vacuum equipment for scientific, laboratory and R&D applications, including the nEXT turbomolecular pump, new generation nXDS dry scroll pump and compact T-Station 75 turbopumping station.

nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pump. is a rotor design allows nEXT to deliver high vacuum for applications such as high energy physics and particle accelerators in a compact size.

Edwards claims that despite very low power requirements, nEXT achieves the highest standard nitrogen pumping speeds for its size - at up to 400 liters per second.

Launched in April 2012, nXDS is a dry scroll pump for scientific pumping applications. Tip-seal technology and scroll design are designed for longer lifetime compared to other products, while built-in intelligent control and communication options and a stand-by mode aims to offer reduced power consumption and increased process control. A green mode also enables users to reduce energy costs thus minimizing their carbon footprint.

Entirely oil-free, nXDS has no lubricants in the vacuum which eliminates the need for regular oil changes and the associated costly downtime. Low acoustic noise levels (of around 52bB (A)) and minimal vibration make nXDS an ideal ‘fit and forget’ pump for the laboratory. Available in four sizes, the nXDS range can deliver speeds from 6 m3h-1 to 20 m3h-1 and vacuum as low as 5x10-3 Torr (model dependant) as is required in pharmaceutical laboratories, biotech research and high energy physics.