Edwards expands iXA family of magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps

The STP-iXA3306 pump from Edwards has a maximum pumping speed of 3,200 litres per second and improved throughput performance at high gas flows. The STP-iXA2206 pump offers the same pumping speed of the earlier STP-A2203, with an increased the maximum throughput capability. The pump features the latest generation small power supply, which has been incorporated into the popular onboard controller first introduced with the STP-iXA2205 pump. It also includes a temperature management system option to minimize the formation of process-generated byproducts. The pump’s five-axis magnetic bearing system and new motor and drive system ensure long life and low operating costs with maintenance intervals as long as five years.

Masahide Tanaka, senior product manager, TMP Business Division, Edwards Japan, Ltd, said: “The new STP-iXA2206/iXA3306 are fully-integrated vacuum pumps that are easy to install and offer a small footprint as an all-in-one solution for all application tools. The integration of the onboard controller eliminates the need for control unit rack mounting and a connection cable between the pump and the control unit, saving installation time, space and cost. Its compact design and size compatibility with previous models simplifies upgrades from existing pumps.”