EKKI celebrates 40th anniversary

India’s EKKI Group is marking 40 years of pump manufacturing with the launch of a “40+ Into the Golden Era” campaign.

The campaign showcases key moments of progress for the company throughout the last four decades.

The family business was founded in 1981 by P Arumugam along with his uncle KK Veluchamy and friend MS Sundaram, producing pumps under the Deccan brand. This was followed by the creation of EKKI which acquired Deccan Pumps Pvt Ltd in 2013.

“EKKI has evolved in 40 years from making pumps for Indian agriculture to cutting edge water technologies for Germany,” said group founder P Arumugam, CEO of Deccan Pumps and EKKI. “We wanted to celebrate the passion, ingenuity and talent of the men and women who have made the company unique through the company's history.”

“My father founded the group in 1981 with an initial investment Rs50 000 (US$650), we have come a long way since then,” said next generation family member and EKKI co-CEO Kanishka Arumugam.

“EKKI is making a strategic transition in this golden decade to become a sustainable water technology company and we are currently focused on creating multiple platforms that will accelerate our growth and create significant societal value through digitalisation, servitization and being a system solutions provider for the water industry,” added Kanishka Arumugam.

EKKI will host events throughout the year with its partners, suppliers, dealers and employees under the 40+ campaign.