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Elliott Group integrates Ebara International Corp’s Cryo operations

Elliott Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Ebara Corp, has integrated the operation of Ebara International Corp’s Cryodynamics Division (EIC Cryo) based in Sparks, Nevada, USA with its operations in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, in a strategic, inter-divisional realignment.

EIC Cryo manufactures custom-engineered cryogenic pumps and expanders for the liquefied gas industries, while Elliott supplies custom-engineered refrigeration compressors for baseload LNG plants as well as rotating equipment for refining and petrochemical applications.

“After careful review, we recognized the shared synergies in markets, product lines, and customer base,” explained Tadashi Urata, CEO of Ebara International Corp. “The integration of EIC Cryo into Elliott will improve efficiency, provide a simplified customer experience, and preserve shareholder value.”

“As we move forward, EIC Cryo and Elliott will work closely together to ensure that we operate safely, productively, and meet the expectations of our customers and key business partners,” said Michael Lordi, chief operating officer of Elliott Group. “There will be no immediate changes in the way we conduct business, and we will continue the tradition of both operations for excellent service and expertise.”

Integrating the operation of EIC Cryo into Elliott Group will take place over the next two years. EIC Cryo will continue to operate under that name and will be one of four business units within Elliott Group.