Energy Directive guidelines now available

Europump is the European Association of Pump Manufacturers. The guideline sets out the agreement between the European Parliament and of Europump’s Council for the eco-design requirements for water pumps and can be downloaded at

Regulation No 547/2012 of 25 June 2012 implementing Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council for the eco-design requirements for water pumps stipulates the minimum efficiency requirements for water pumps as set out under the eco-design Directive for energy related products.

This Regulation largely concerns manufacturers of water pumps placing these products on the European market. However customers may also be affected. The guideline aims to clarify questions arising from the entry of the water pumps Regulation EU 547/2012, the first of which begins in January 2013.

“This guide is crucial for companies in the water pump business” says Frank Ennenbach, Europump Standards Commission Chairperson. “Thanks to everyone’s commitment and hard work we have created this important document. We trust that this guideline will help companies better understand what the Regulation means for them and with what they need to comply.”