Europump Ecodesign regulation conference

Scheduled for 7 March 2013, a Europump conference will bring together various stakeholders (European Commission, pump manufacturers, CEN Working Group Chairpersons) to discuss the implementation of the Ecodesign regulations for water pumps and circulators.

Participants will discuss the implementation of Ecodesign Regulations for the pump industry in particular for water pumps and circulator.

Europump hopes that the event will help European pump manufacturers to implement the Ecodesign regulations for these products correctly.

The meeting will take place in Brussels, Belgium from 10.00 to 16.30. The morning session will focus on the general aspects of Ecodesign.

Two breakout sessions will be organised in the afternoon on how to apply European Commission Regulation 641/2009/EC and the amendment 622/2012/EC with regard to Ecodesign requirements for circulators. Also how to apply European Commission Regulation 547/2012/EC implementing Directive 2009/125/EC with regard to Ecodesign requirements for water pumps.

These sessions will look in detail at what is in the Regulations and standards. Speakers will explain which guidelines are available from the European Commission and Europump and explore their content. Participants will be asked to bring their questions to ensure that this event provides real added value for them.