ESA produces elastomer seal guide

The guide is designed to help pump engineers correctly identify the cause of early elastomer pump seal failure due to overheating, exposure to oils and excessive mechanical wear. It also offers advice on the selection of a replacement elastomer.

According to the association, 'Successful Sealing with Elastomers' is the first guide designed to offer engineers a diagnostics-led approach to tackling sealing problems. The downloadable, PDF-formatted guide is illustrated with failed seal images and technical advice on how to identify and avoid common failure scenarios and optimise seal performance.

'Successful Sealing with Elastomers' is produced by the ESA's elastomeric and polymeric seals division. To keep up with elastomer developments and seals applications trends, the division will periodically update the guide. The updated guide will be available free to registered users and costs £50 to non-registered users.

The 72 page guide also includes advice on the storage and handling of elastomeric seals, a glossary of sealing terms, and conversion factors including units of common usage in sealing terminology.