Europump ATEX guideline part II

The Europump ATEX Guideline, Part II (application to the pump industry of the European Commission Guidelines on Directive 94/9/EC) available on the Europump website.

Revised in order for it to align it with the new Machinery Directive, especially chapter 8, the guideline is part of Europump’s aid to the pump industry and its customers in order for them to understand and apply the ATEX Directive.

The Europump Guideline is based on the official ATEX Guidelines issued by the European Commission which can be downloaded from the DG Enterprise website.

The official EC Guidelines are intended for all sectors within the scope of the Directive, and so do not focus solely on pumps. The Europump guideline explains relevant sections of the EC Guidelines with pumps and their application in mind.

Readers with a good knowledge of the ATEX Directive should use this document. Readers with no or only basic knowledge should begin with the ‘Europump Guideline - Part I – Basic requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC’, also available on the Europump website.

The updated guideline can be downloaded here.