Europump Ecodesign Conference success

The Europump conference on Ecodesign which took place on 7 March 2013 in Brussels, Belgium, has been hailed as a great success, bringing together industry delegates, NGO and Member State representatives, the European Commission and industry speakers.

Discussions ranged from the implementation of the Ecodesign regulations for water pumps and circulators, market surveillance, the circulators regulation and what's in store for 2013. Some significant statements emerged: what is in the Regulation supersedes all other texts? The need to involve users in the discussions and National Associations can assist companies if they have questions.

Dr Sönke Brodersen, Europump President said: “I am pleased that so many people attended the event and that so many questions were asked and discussed. There was a need to better understand the regulations and this event fulfilled that need. Delegates could see the quality of work delivered by Europump over the past few years and I trust that this will encourage more people to participate in Europump working group. We need more active members as we are working on lots 28 and 29 for water pumps and wastewater pumps.”

Manufacturers are advised to contact their National Association if they have further questions about the Ecodesign regulations.

All presentations are downloadable for free on the Europump website.