Flowserve expands range of permanent magnet submersible motors

Based on the reliable Pleuger three-phase, AC, squirrel-cage induction motor, Flowserve says the PMM8 has proven advantages over asynchronous designs, including higher efficiency at full and partial loads, lower thermal losses and a robust, large air gap configuration. The company says the result is a motor that can reduce energy costs by up to 10% and boost power output by over 100%, while extending the overall life of the motor. Flowserve says the PMM8 motor technology has demonstrated over 93% efficiency, one of the most efficient eight-inch submersible motors on the market. Operated in conjunction with variable frequency drives, the PMM8 runs at synchronous speed with no rotor losses, which allows the pump to run at best efficiency point under variable flow conditions. Since the new PMM8 is available in the same diameter size as competitor units, customers will often be able to reduce their energy costs by upgrading to the Flowserve motor. Because of the high power output, in many cases the 8-inch PMM8 design can be substituted for conventional 10-inch asynchronous motors. The PMM8 is currently available in a 190 mm (8 in.) motor size with power output of 50 kW (67 hp) to 200 kW (268 hp). Flowserve intends to release additional sizes in the future.