Fluid Components International FlexSwitch adds safety margin

Fluid Components International (FCI) is saying that its FlexSwitch FLT Pump Protection Flow Switch improves process control by adding an extra margin-of-safety, which keeps pumps running longer and more reliably with less frequent maintenance over an expanded lifetime to reduce total operational costs.

Aimed at process and plant engineers tired of repairing or replacing pumps because of unpredictable liquid or slurry flows in their pipelines that cause pump over-heating or failure, the Flow/Level/Temperature (FLT) Pump Protection Flow Switch monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries, syrups, lubricants, coolants and more.

It is wet/dry detection in protecting pumps, where sudden, unexpected reductions in media flow rates may leave pumps vulnerable to over-heating conditions that can result in bearing or seal damage that require major repairs or shorten their useful life.

The FLT flow switch, with its no moving parts design has dual alarm capability. Using a flow switch prevents permanent damage to the pump’s bearings that will require an overhaul of the pump before more damage occurs. Its dual-function capability indicates both flow and temperature, and/or level sensing in a single device. It can be specified in either insertion or in-line styles for pipe or tube installation.

FCI’s Flow/Level/Temperature (FLT) Switches are aimed at process industries, including chemical processing, food/beverage, mining/milling, oil/gas, pulp/paper, pharmaceutical, water/waste treatment and more.