Trebor International introduces AODD pump for chemical delivery

The Magnum 620 pumps are designed for chemical processes in semiconductor, LED, chemical manufacturing/delivery, pharmaceutical and various related applications.

Trebor International, a manufacture ultra-pure chemical pumps and liquid heating systems and a Unit of IDEX Corporation, is introducing a new version of one of its Magnum 620 pumps. The new version, called the 620D (D for ‘D style’), is the third in a series of pumps offering deadhead capability.

The new pump allows fabrication technicians to more efficiently control flow requirements to tools in chemical delivery systems where high back pressure exists, which is commonly referred to as deadhead. The 620D is deadhead capable with a single air supply, allowing the pump to run without power and providing a non-stalling shuttle once a supply valve is turned off.

In deadhead situations, one or more valves are turned off to control flow rates at the end use point. In those situations, there is an increase in the backpressure on the pump. Most pumps, such as centrifugals and many AODDs, either completely turn off or continue to cycle.

Neither is a good option. In the case of a complete turn off, supply pressure is lost and the pump cannot immediately respond to the open valve at the necessary pressure for the application. In the case of a continuously running pump, inlet air supply is unnecessarily consumed, which adds costs to the process and there is ongoing wear and tear on the pump even though it is not being utilized.

The Magnum 620D directly addresses these issues. When valves in a system are shut off, the 620D responds by pausing operation – the pump shaft pauses causing no additional wear and tear or air consumption. In addition, when the valve is opened, the 620D immediately responds with the necessary supply pressures without priming or air bubbles.