Flygt propeller pumps cut costs

Xylem Inc has unveiled a new Flygt propeller pump line that the company says reduces investment and maintenance costs while maximising a pump station’s performance and efficiency.

The new range of Flygt Slimline propeller pumps uses smaller discharge column sizes resulting in a more compact pump station footprint which in turn minimises civil construction costs. Flygt N-technology provides increased clog resistance, and the self-cleaning propeller minimises operational disturbances while delivering high efficiency and reduced energy costs.

“The modern design of the new Flygt Slimline propeller pumps ensures that they are easy to install, as well as cost and energy efficient, without compromising on performance. The smaller discharge column size of the Flygt Slimline propeller pump means that a more compact pump station footprint is needed, which therefore minimises civil construction costs – a key concern for customers today,” said Bob Domkowski, business development manager at Xylem.