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FMC Technologies and Sulzer Pumps test new subsea pump

The new multiphase pump system, which is optimised for harsh subsea environments, leverages Sulzer Pumps’ pump hydraulics with FMC Technologies’ high-speed permanent magnet motor technology and subsea system design and integration experience.

The new pump is powered by a 3.2 MW permanent magnet motor and is capable of withstanding pressures up to 5000 psi. By using permanent magnet motor technology, less maintenance is required and greater speed, efficiency and power can be achieved.

“The collaboration between FMC and Sulzer Pumps Ltd has resulted in what we believe to be the most powerful, efficient, and flexible subsea pump system available on the market,” said Rob Perry, director of Subsea Processing at FMC Technologies. “The industry has been clear,” he said. “They want more energy on the mudline to support their efforts to boost production and improve economics, and I am happy to say we have delivered a solution.”

Full qualification testing of the subsea pump unit was completed earlier this summer at Sulzer Pumps’ purpose-built test facility in Leeds, UK.