Sulzer Pumps completes the ABS EffeX range

The ABS EffeX range was introduced in 2009 with the ABS submersible sewage pump XFP, the first submersible pump to feature a premium-efficiency IE3 motor. The four new products launched make the ABS EffeX range complete: Multi-vane Contrablock Plus pump impellers, expansion of the ABS submersible mixer XRW into a full product range, completion of the ABS flow booster XSB product range and the launch of the ABS turbocompressor HST 20.

Multi-vane Contrablock Plus pump impellers: with the addition of multi-vane impellers, the Contrablock Plus series extends from 1.3 kW (1.8 HP) / DN80 (3 in) up to 400 kW (536 HP) / DN400 (16 in) models of the ABS submersible sewage pump XFP. All of the impellers are open, and all feature an adjustable bottom.

Expansion of the ABS submersible mixer XRW into a full product range: covers high, medium and medium-low mixing speeds. To retain the mixer’s unique blend of energy efficiency and economy, three motor technologies have been used. Medium-speed versions retain the permanent-magnet motor, while the others utilize an IE3 squirrel-cage motor, supported by a gearbox at medium-low speeds.

Completion of the ABS flow booster XSB product range: now available in a full range of sizes, all with premium-efficiency IE3 motors, it reduces energy consumption by up to 25%. The composite blades of the mixer have been newly optimized, with 2- and 3-blade propeller designs covering a wide range of thrust requirements. Other major features include a robust 3-stage helical gearbox and oil-lubricated bearings with a calculated lifetime of more than 100,000 hours.

ABS turbocompressor HST 20: a direct-driven compressor, the ABS turbocompressor HST 20 represents the third generation of Sulzer Pumps’ fully air-cooled HST technology for wastewater aeration. Magnetic bearings, a high-speed permanent-magnet motor, a newly designed impeller and a new labyrinth seal design all contribute to the balance. The turbocompressor also features a process-optimizing control system that integrates silencers and other accessories.