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Framo unveils versatile inline turbine

Norway's Framo is set to launch an inline turbine designed to recover electrical power from diverse fluid flows.

Njaal Vangdal, Department Manager Development at Framo, standing next to the inline turbine.
Njaal Vangdal, Department Manager Development at Framo, standing next to the inline turbine.

Successfully tested at the company’s state-of-the-art center on Flatøy, just outside Bergen, the technology offers substantial cost savings, energy efficiency, and a sustainable alternative to pressure reduction valves.

Building on the success of the submerged turbine introduced in 2021, specifically designed for harnessing untapped energy from wastewater on offshore installations, Framo is now expanding its portfolio with a versatile inline turbine.

Njål Vangdal, head of the Development Department at Framo Flatøy, says: “After receiving positive feedback and initial orders for our submerged turbine, we’ve advanced our technology with the inline turbine. This innovation has the capability to generate electrical power across a spectrum of industries and processes where fluid flows through pipes.”

The inline turbine presents an ideal solution for offshore installations, offering energy recovery in processes involving continuous fluid flows. However, its applications extend beyond the oil and water sectors. The technology can seamlessly integrate into diverse processes with varying fluids, replacing traditional pressure reduction valves while concurrently generating electrical power.

“Fluid flows are inherent in all industries, and pressure reduction valves are commonplace,” adds Vangdal. “These valves are not only costly but also consume substantial energy. Our inline turbines offer substantial cost savings and contribute to environmental sustainability by harnessing this untapped energy. Essentially, our turbines can replace all pressure reduction valves.”

Currently undergoing installation at Framo's test center on Flatøy, the inline turbine is expected to contribute to substantial annual electricity expenses savings. Under normal load conditions, the company anticipates potential savings of several million kroner annually. This achievement aligns with Framo's commitment to becoming the world's first climate-neutral pump manufacturer by 2027.

Vangdal highlights the promising test results: “Our tests demonstrate that we can regenerate over 40% of the input power in our test facility, showcasing the efficiency and viability of our inline turbine.”