Franklin Electric expands submersible turbine pump range

The complete STS Series product family now includes 5-in, 6-in, 8-in, and 9-in models with flows from 60 to 1600 gpm and a total dynamic head up to 2300 ft. The series is intended for irrigation, agricultural, industrial, commercial, or municipal water pumping applications. Each pump features ductile iron motor brackets, ductile iron discharges, cast 304 stainless steel impellers, robust spiral cutlass rubber intermediate bowl bearings, and copper bismuth bronze discharge and motor bracket bearings.

The 9-in STS will be offered in 600, 1050, and 1200 gpm flow ratings and feature premium construction materials, spiral cutlass rubber intermediate bearings designed for harsh environments, 416 stainless steel pump shaft, investment cast stainless steel impellers, abrasive resistant hydraulic design, dual discharge allows for flexibility between 6-in and 8-in drop pipe and premium glass-lined bowls for increased efficiency and abrasion resistance.

Franklin Electric's 9-in STS Series Submersible Turbine Pump.