Freudenberg’s new sealing material offers alternative to PTFE

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is offering a real alternative to traditional PTFE solutions with its new high-performance 98 AU 30500 material.

With 98 AU 30500, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a hydrolysis-resistant high-performance polyurethane that offers considerably better properties for mobile hydraulic sealing systems than conventional PTFE variants.

“It’s true that PTFE materials offer high media resistance and a broad temperature range for hydraulic applications, while being low-friction and reliable,” says Dr Jürgen Hieber, Materials Development Manager at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. “But our 98 AU 30500 material can actually top that, as it is extremely wear-resistant and also highly media-resistant. Thanks to the optimized alignment of material and geometry, our seals made of 98 AU 30500 have low friction and very low gap extrusion, which translates into a long service life.”

The high-performance material is also cost effectiveness. “Thanks to its longer service life and lower need for maintenance, it helps users reduce their operating costs. It also enables greater efficiency in hydraulic systems, which leads to improved performance,” says Martin Goerres, Manager of Engineering & Innovation at Freudenberg.

“At the same time, the new material is an important step for ourselves in achieving our own sustainability goals,” says Goerres.