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Gain remote control of a pumping installation

Operators could benefit from being the 'eyes and ears' of a pumping installation or pump network via a Internet based online telemetric system that provides timely information from the Grundfos Remote Management. 

Benefits include being the first to know when a pipe bursts, or any alarm of an installation appear.

An operator using the system can also be the first to know and receive information by SMS or email about warnings or alarms of an installation anywhere and anytime from a mobile device like a cellular phone. 

Grundfos Remote Management system allows an operator to define a schedule for a workforce. Also, via a Smartphone, a Tablet PC or a PC which has Internet access (eg, WLAN) users are able to login to the user interface of the remote management system and get information on operating hours, duty points, setpoints, sensor values, reports, trends, alarms, warnings etc.

Grundfos services and hosts the system on its own corporate hosting centre, which aims to save customers the cost of hosting, servicing and maintaining both software and hardware. 

System managers need only Internet access, a standard browser, and a password to get access to the user interface to monitor and manage their pump installations.