Gardner Denver Nash produces new range of small capacity liquid ring pumps

The Vectra SX range from Gardner Denver Nash delivers flow rates between 35 and 210 m³/h with 50 Hz motors. Motors in the power range between 0.75 kW and 5.5 kW are available for the five sizes manufactured, while 60 Hz motors are also available with flowrates up to 260 m³/h. Compared to other pumps of the same capacity range, the NASH Vectra SX consumes up to 40% less energy and up to 50% less operating fluid.

Three versions of the Vectra SX range are available to suit various process requirements for high vacuum levels up to 33 mbar, for increased water handling (up to 10 times the normal quantity of process fluids) and for compressor operation. Two drive arrangements are also available: a monobloc design and an ATEX-friendly lantern design.

The NASH Vectra SX is available with a cast iron body with a stainless steel liner, and a stainless steel impeller and port plate, or made completely of 316 stainless steel.