NASH 2BM1: New model range of magnetic drive liquid ring pumps

This pump series features magnetic drives and was developed to address the wide-ranging demands of the process industry.

The NASH 2BM1 series with magnetic drives was unveiled at ACHEMA 2012. Based on the reliable NASH 2BE1 series, this pump series is designed to handle volume flow rates of between 125 and 3150 m³/h. They achieve a vacuum of up to 33 mbar absolute and can also be used as compressors in the low pressure range.

In terms of the pump’s external dimensions, the NASH 2BM1 series is identical to the basic NASH 2BE1 model, with only a slight dimensional difference on the drive side due to the magnetic coupling. Nash offers a total of nine different 2BM pump sizes, all of which can be supplied in either stainless steel or cast iron.

The magnetic coupling offers the benefit of a hermetic seal, separating the pump’s inner working space from atmospheric conditions and eliminating any possibility of leakage. It is this seal which allows the pump to operate safely in challenging applications, such as processes that are required to meet stringent environmental compatibility standards. Certifications of compliance with all ATEX categories are available for the new NASH 2BM1.

Along with the safety aspect, the NASH 2BM1 pumps offer interesting savings possibilities for new applications due to their operating economy: the pumps are sealed purely through the use of static seals which, unlike conventional rotating seal pumps, are almost wear-free.

Each pump’s operating fluid is used for the lubrication and cooling of the friction bearings and magnetic coupling, eliminating the need for additional lubrication. In many applications, the magnetic coupling also offers an economical alternative to double-acting mechanical seals.