GEA launches custom AI chatbot

GEA has launched a custom AI chatbot throughout the company based on Open AI’s ChatGPT application through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Image © sitthiphong - Adobe Stock.

GEA BetterBot AI was developed in-house and trained on current GEA data. It enables GEA employees to retrieve publicly available information relating to the company that is relevant to them in a matter of seconds. The proprietary tool is securely operated in a private cloud environment in Microsoft’s data centers, so that no confidential data or entries are leaked.

Christian Niederhagemann, GEA’s chief information officer, said: “In the space of just a few months, we developed an internal GEA chatbot, which has the potential to enhance our work through productivity and efficiency gains as well as time savings. This puts us among the pioneers in our industry, helping to shape digital progress.”

An interdisciplinary team is responsible for developing GEA’s in-house AI tool. The alpha version has already been tested by 500 employees worldwide, with their feedback now factored into the tool’s ongoing refinement. Another 1,200 employees have signed up for the beta test phase, which is already underway. This will help customize the tool even more closely in line with GEA’s needs and requirements.

“Using GEA BetterBot AI opens up significant possibilities for working more efficiently,” added Niederhagemann. “The chatbot can, for instance, be used by employees to provide swifter responses to customer service inquiries, receive support with job advertisements and request market intelligence data, or for social media and marketing activities.”

GEA BetterBot AI is continuously being fine-tuned and, in the future will be capable of responding to questions on a wide range of topics in different languages. Global rollout is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.