Gorman-Rupp subsidiary buys Bayou City Pump

Founded in 1973, BCP manufactures and services vertical turbine pumping systems mainly for the inland and coastal marine liquid petroleum and chemical transportation market. BCP also developed and manufactures a specialty sludge pumping system for use in a range of industrial applications. The company, which has a service facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, generated approximately US$16 million in revenue during 2013 from sales of its products and services.

Mark Barnes, president and chief operating officer (COO) of BCP, said: “BCP focuses on providing best in class products and around-the-clock services for the marine industry. We are excited about our expansion prospects as we now partner with the major additional vertical turbine product capabilities and experience of National Pump Company and the global multiple-markets pump systems reputation and resources of The Gorman-Rupp Company.”

Jeffrey Gorman, president and CEO of The Gorman-Rupp Co, said: “BCP’s strong customer relationships and long history will help expand sales in targeted niche markets complementary to National Pump Company’s significant and growing vertical turbine products leadership position. In addition, its Houston, Texas base will provide additional capacity and machining capabilities in combination with National Pump’s existing location acquired late in 2012, which together will assist The Gorman-Rupp Company in expanding its growing Gulf Coast operations.”