Grundfos partners with Novozymes for clean water

Grundfos and the Danish biotechnology company Novozymes have entered into an open innovation collaboration to find new solutions to the world’s water challenges.

The partnership takes place on, an online platform launched by Novozymes in September 2017 where entrepreneurs, startups and others can connect with industry.

Four specific challenges will be posted online, allowing all in the HelloScience community to pitch their ideas on how to secure clean water for more people. Novozymes and Grundfos are looking for solutions to remove polluting chemicals from water and improve cleaning of wastewater, including better filtering, less sludge and the recovery of phosphate from wastewater.

“This is a great opportunity. Partnering with Grundfos opens new possibilities for Novozymes, the HelloScience platform and its users. Until now, we have been able to connect the startups and academics, who are part of this network, with our knowledge about enzymes and microorganisms, and allowing them to use samples in their work, but now we can also connect them with Grundfos’ expertise in water treatment,” said Claus Crone Fuglsang, senior vice president, Research & Technology at Novozymes.

“This is an excellent chance to see what we can do in combination with Novozymes. Adding biotechnology to what we can do in for instance digital dosing might very well open brand-new possibilities for eg water treatment,” said Lars Enevoldsen, group vice president, Technology & Innovation at Grundfos. “And while we strengthen our connection with Novozymes, we also get an opportunity to review fresh takes on the water challenges from all over the world. We need new partnerships to solve these great challenges, and this is another step down that road.”