Grundfos partners with Dutch water supply company Vitens

With Vitens aiming to reduce its energy consumption by 20% by 2020, the company has agreed to apply the Grundfos Well Field Energy Audit (WFEA) to 110 well fields and the Grundfos Pump Audit to 90 pumping stations. The measurements will be done by Grundfos service staff in the Netherlands and technicians from Vitens.

Grundfos and Vitens have a long-standing cooperation on energy optimisation and have worked extensively with pump audits and well field energy audits.

“Working together with a major global pump manufacturer like Grundfos complements perfectly our strengths as a drinking water supplier,” said Kees Hagen, Team manager E&I PA, Vitens. “We are embarking on a long-term program of measurement and analysis with the purpose of reducing energy consumption for well field and distribution pumps; this is a great opportunity for us to get the knowledge we need to meet the sustainability goals for substantially reduced energy use.”

The Grundfos Pump Audit measures actual pump performance at the water treatment and distribution plant. A Pump Audit checks the overall efficiency of the pumps and proposes changes that could improve efficiency. Recommendations cover the type, size and number of pumps, the viability of frequency control, suitable motor protection, and also small changes in the operating process to optimise the pumping system.