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Grundfos partnership to bring sustainable cooling to Southeast Asia

Grundfos has signed a memorandum of understanding with Singapore-based Barghest Building Performance (BBP) to deliver and scale an energy-efficient digital solution for sustainable cooling across Southeast Asia.

The solution focuses on reducing the energy consumption of commercial and industrial climate control systems. Through leveraging automation technology, remote monitoring, and Internet of Things, the solution ensures the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system operates in optimised conditions at any time, by intuitively regulating the interactions between the various parts within the system. This minimises unnecessary energy use, and in turn helps customers reduce their environmental impact.

Grundfos and BBP will look to scale this across Southeast Asia, focusing on Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Fredrik Östbye, group vice president and head of FutureLab at Grundfos said conventional cooling is not sustainable in today’s climate crisis. “With sustainability being a very key part of Grundfos’ DNA, this partnership demonstrates our commitment to create cleaner and more energy efficient technologies to enable our customers to reduce their energy consumption and limit their impact on the environment,” said Östbye.

The two companies will initially focus on reducing barriers in product adoption and scalability, by digitalising the identification, evaluation and onboarding of customers who are interested in reducing their energy consumption and environmental impact.

“Global temperatures have been on the rise, and this has cast a spotlight on the need to provide cooling in cities without overburdening urban power grids and further contributing to climate change,” said Poyan Rajamand, co-founder of BPP. “We see great synergy between the missions of BPP and Grundfos, which is to bring greater energy efficiency in solutions serving an increasingly urbanised world, and so we are excited to be driving the forefront of sustainable cooling for the commercial and industrial building sector.”