Grundfos Product Center opens

The Grundfos Product Center is an online selection tool for sizing pumps for any need, finding information about any Grundfos pump or pump replacement, finding pumps for moving special liquids, and managing complex installation and replacement projects.

Built on the WebCAPS foundation, the Product Center is designed to let users find answers their way. Users start by locating the pump you want, either by:• Sizing a new pump• Searching for a pump you already have• Locating a replacement, or• Locating a pump for moving particular liquids

All on one page

Once users have located the required pump, they can find pump-specific documentation, CAD drawings, spare parts and service kits, and instructional videos – all on the pump’s product page.

Visit and click on the Product Center link – and sign up as a registered Grundfos Product Center user. As a registered user, users will get access to recent searches, products and other items, and the ability to save items for future reference, including entire projects.