Hayward Tyler wins pump contract for Wyoming nuclear project

Hayward Tyler Inc has secured a contract from nuclear innovation company TerraPower for the design and development of primary and intermediate sodium pumps to support the Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project in Wyoming, USA.

Grasslands near Kemmerer, Wyoming
Grasslands near Kemmerer, Wyoming - Image © fredlyfish4- Adobe Stock.

The Natrium Reactor Demonstration Project is being developed near a retiring coal plant. When completed, it will be a fully functioning commercial power plant.

The Hayward Tyler pumps will play a vital role in circulating liquid sodium within the primary heat transport system and transferring coolant to the intermediate heat transport system.

The pumps will undergo a meticulous phased design process, involving the development and testing of multiple sub-components, ensuring the highest level of technical readiness for qualification testing. Hayward Tyler will leverage decades of experience in designing large vertical pumps for the existing civil nuclear fleet, as well as its recent work with the ASME Section 3, Division 5 code.

This is a multi-phased award over a period of three to four years, beginning in November 2023 and commencing at approximately US$10 million.

When the initial phase is completed, TerraPower may elect to exercise its option to have Hayward Tyler manufacture the production pumps for the demonstration project.

“Execution of this contract will build upon years of strong working relationship between Hayward Tyler Inc and TerraPower in the field of high temperature, nuclear quality and critical-to-function reactor pumps,” said Drew Van Norman, president of Hayward Tyler Inc. “Hayward Tyler has long appreciated TerraPower’s approach to developing and commercialising advanced reactors in an effort to bring high volumes of carbon-free, nuclear energy to a variety of new and traditional consumers.”