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Heat pump available in modular system

PrimoTherm 180 is available in a modular system assembly in eight different versions which allows for a great variety of possible combinations: with or without three-way mixer, circulation pump and/or bypass valve, with supply at the right or left side. It has a compact design of the system which allows several pump assemblies to be mounted next to each other.

 The basic version comprises a stop valve with a red thermometer ball valve in the supply line and a blue thermometer ball valve as well as a stop valve with gravity brake, and the next version also contains a 3-way mixer with actuator.

The PrimoTherm 180 is also available with a Grundfos or a Laing circulation pump, and if a pump without internal control is used, the version with a bypass valve can be used to ensure constant pressure in the heating system and to reduce flow noise. The heating pump assembly can also be made to specific specifications for OEMs.