Viking Pump adds electric heating to cast iron pumps

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Viking Pump's Universal Seal series of cast iron pumps.
Viking Pump's Universal Seal series of cast iron pumps.

The pumps, which are used to transfer asphalt or bitumen, are with integral heating jackets available in various combinations – bracket, head, casing, and relief valve. The addition of the electric heat option now  provides an alternative for heating asphalt and bitumen.

Electric heating offers a number of advantages over steam, heat transfer oils or electric heat tracing, including lower installation costs in remote locations when steam or hot oil is not available or requires long piping run, reduced environmental costs through the elimination of hot oil leaks, reduced energy costs with heat source in pump vs. external heat tracing, simplified service and improved safety. 

Viking also offers a temperature control system which includes a thermocouple and thermowell  adapter for mounting in the bracket port, and a controller which powers all heat cartridges on one pump.