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Heavy duty Blackhawk piston pumps

Blackhawk now offers the heavy-duty Apollo 101 HD, which pumps to 150 ft or more (46 m), and the Apollo 102 HD, which produces flow rates to 2.27 gpm (8.6 lpm). The pump feature linear-rod pump (LRP) technology which can mean fewer moving parts and smoother operation for high efficiency at lower purchase and operating costs.   The existing Apollo 101 pumps to 80 ft (24 m) at 0.93 gpm (3.52 lpm), and the Apollo 102, offers 2.27 gpm (8.6 lpm) to 35 ft (10.6 m).   The solar option includes solar panels to power the pump directly and/or high-capacity storage batteries for long-term operation, making it suitable for remote locations not served by electricity or pneumatic power. The power supply option converts conventional grid 24 volt/5 amp AC power to DC at startup, running at 2.5 amps.   The emission-free Apollo also can run dry without damage to the pump. Blackhawk is the only company to offer LRP positive-displacement systems for landfill, petrochemical, slow-pumping, remediation and process-pumping applications.   Blackhawk's above-well-drive piston pumps feature driver motors outside and above the wellhead. This means less maintenance (no pump pulling – no pumps lost down the well), which can lower the cost of ownership over conventional models.