Hydraulic Institute and PSM prepare for power plant course

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) and Pump Systems Matter (PSM) will unveil their latest educational training event, Power Plant Pumps - Maximize your Uptime & Reliability: 3-Part Webinar Series, on 20 February 20. The series will continue with the second and third session respectively on 27 February and 6 March. The webinar participants will be led by, and have access to, power generation expert William Livoti, who is business development manager power generation, WEG Electric Corporation. 

This series will cover major changes in the power industry and help engineers better understand how pump selection may affect the overall design and reliability of their power plant. In addition to increased demand for electricity, new government legislation is imposing more stringent emission controls on coal-fired power plants (CFPP) and the amount of CO2 they can produce.  Even as existing CFPPs retire due to the inability to comply with new restrictions, very few new plants are being approved for construction to replace them.  As a result, remaining power plants must operate more efficiently to address increased demand; power plant efficiency/heat rate, therefore, becomes an issue.  One way to achieve higher efficiency, improve uptime, availability and reliability while reducing heat rates is to optimise motor-driven pump systems within these plants.