ICN process pump from Ensival Moret

The ICN process pump from Ensival Moret has been designed to provide optimum efficiency over the entire operating range of the pump. It is self-locking and tolerates reverse rotation. Duplex stainless steel is used for both the shaft and the wet end components. The ICN design options include closed impellers and semi-open impellers. The flow capacity ranges from 13 to 6,500 m3/h (57 to 28,622 US gpm) and head from 4 to 160 m (16 to 525 ft). It is fully compliant with the ISO2858-5199 standard.

The system AS (system of integrated vacuum pump for pumping aerated fluid and for making the self-priming pump) for the new ICN range is also available.

The ICN AS device comprises a vacuum pump that is entirely integrated onto the shaft, this cell creates negative pressure that makes it possible to evacuate the gaseous part of the main hydraulic cell and, therefore, retain the performance of the centrifugal pump, while keeping the dimensions of the ICN.

There are two possible configurations for the ICN AS: self-priming (suction heads of up to 9 m) or degassing, making it possible to pump highly aerated fluid with gas concentrations of up to over 20%.