Varisco ‘V’ internal gear pump

The Pump Company, which supplies pumps and consultancy to the process industry, says that understanding the rheology of the fluid and obtaining the correct balance between pump and system is vital.

The company is specifying and supplying the Varisco ‘V’ series of internal gear pump on a variety of applications when a smooth flow is the priority for handling thin or thick liquids.

The versatility of the pump is such that it is happy handling water thin liquids or high viscosity liquids such as: bitumen, molasses, resins, polymers etc

Giving a constant capacity that is directly proportional to the rotation speed and virtually independent of the pressure, the pump is able to give a smooth flow without pulsations or pressure peaks which cause vibration or destroy the pumped liquid.

The Varisco ‘V’ has only two moving parts: the rotor and idler gear and only one shaft. The pump is totally reversible and gives full performance in either direction.

The high vacuum created by the pump permits rapid self priming at the maximum height made possible by the physical characteristics of the pumped liquid (temperature, vapour pressure, viscosity etc).

The Pump Company stresses that at key feature of the Varisco ‘V’ series gear pump is the slow speed of rotation coupled with the low rate of wear.