Improved diaphragms easier to install

The Wil-Flex diaphragms are now available in a flat profile design, so there is no need to invert the diaphragm when rebuilding a pump.

The diaphragms are made of Santoprene, a thermoplastic elastomer that links EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer) rubber and polypropylene. They are suitable for for use in paint and coatings applications due to long flex life, ability to easy handle abrasion and wide swing in pH levels. Because of their thermoplastic qualities, Wil-Flex diaphragms have inherent tensile strength and do not need fabric reinforcement. The diaphragms are currently available for use on the Advanced Series Metal 25 mm (1 in) bolted stainless steel and aluminium, 38mm (1-1/2 in) bolted stainless steel, and 76mm (3 in) bolted stainless steel and aluminium models. Wilden’s Advanced bolted pumps also feature the Pro-Flo X air distribution system.