ITT adds machine health diagnostics to monitoring

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ITT has added machine health diagnostics to its i-ALERT portfolio.
ITT has added machine health diagnostics to its i-ALERT portfolio.

ITT’s i-ALERT brand is now offering automated machine health diagnostics within its portfolio, an expansion of its wireless condition monitoring capabilities widely used by the oil & gas, chemical and power industries.

With immediate notification in the event of machine faults, the new offering includes information about the severity of the fault and recommendations to resolve it with the accuracy of a skilled analyst.

The new i-ALERT diagnostics work by analysing vibration signatures produced by the machine as it operates. Fault detection occurs through proprietary algorithms developed by ITT’s AI-based asset health partner, Symphony AzimaAI. The algorithms utilise decades of industry and equipment knowledge which helps cut customers’ maintenance costs and energy usage.

Dan Kernan, Global product director, Aftermarket Solutions at ITT, said: “As the adoption of wireless condition monitoring grows, our customers need to be able to process vast amounts of data, quickly and efficiently. Our new automated diagnostic software helps customers to easily upgrade their i-ALERT sensors to provide key insights into their machine’s health.”