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ITT marks 6th Pump Appreciation Day

“Pumps are essential machines but silent workers in running a plant. Each year on Pump Appreciation Day, we are proud to celebrate the importance of pumps but also to recognize the people and organizations that design, manufacture, install and service them,” said Dave Steblein, VP & GM of Sales for the Americas. “We also take the opportunity to pay tribute to the men, women and organizations that help drive modern manufacturing forward.”

This year, 17 organizations and their representatives were presented with Heart and Pulse of Industry Awards. These awards recognize companies, plants and individuals whose operational excellence and use of pump technology advance plant processing, customer service and overall way of life through improved reliability, efficiency and lower cost of ownership.

In addition to Pump Appreciation Day events and award programs, an online World of Pumps Quiz attracted almost 11 000 unique visitors from 90 countries in the months leading up to Pump Appreciation Day