John Crane invests in ASEAN service facilities

Upgrades to the Singapore service super centre include improved testing capabilities, additional product refurbishment capabilities, access to more hands-on technical training, and new storage and preservation services.

The dry gas seal test centre in Singapore now includes a newly upgraded observation centre allowing customers to monitor dynamic testing of their seals in real time. The test rig is also being upgraded to handle the larger diameter seals and higher testing speeds required for newer LNG applications in Southeast Asia and Australia.

A refurbishment centre for hydrodynamic bearings was constructed recently in Singapore, while the expanded training centre has additional classes and an area dedicated to hands-on training. A fully equipped climate-controlled storage facility has also been commissioned to store customers’ highly sensitive dry gas seals. This facility supports a new multiyear gas seal management contract in the region.

Byron Paul, managing director Asia Pacific at John Crane, said: “The new facilities and expanded service centre reflect our commitment to strengthen capabilities across ASEAN countries and Australia. The additions also give local customers access to what they’ve been asking for: quicker service and additional specialized training with little time away from their operations.”

John Crane expects to open additional service facilities in the region within the next 12 months.