John Crane unveils robust sealing solution with USP technology

John Crane has launched the Type SB2/SB2A USP seal, combining the Type SB2/SB2A heavy-duty dual cartridge seal with the company’s unique upstream pumping (USP) technology.

A Type SB2 USP seal from John Crane.
A Type SB2 USP seal from John Crane.

The new sealing solution enhances John Crane’s current USP product portfolio to include a more robust seal for the pulp and paper and mining industries.

The Type SB2/SB2A USP seal is ideal for use with environmentally hazardous and abrasive fluids and other slurry duties up to 40% solids by weight and a solids hardness of eight Mohs. It is widely used on pumps and other rotary equipment.

This new product extends mean time between repair and reduces water and power consumption.

“Adding our one-of-a-kind USP seal face technology to our Type SB2/SB2A seal is a game-changer,” said Terry Lemm, John Crane’s Portfolio Director, Universal Sealing Solutions. “Customers who regularly work with harsh and abrasive slurries will now have another tool for extending mean time between repair while nearly eliminating water consumption and reducing power consumption.”

The Type SB2/SB2A USP seal pairs with the recently launched GS USP standardized support system. By providing a standardized support system, customers will benefit from reduced complexity, a small footprint and a lower total cost of ownership.

Type SB2-USP is designed for DIN standard dimensions, while Type SB2A-USP is for ANSI standard dimensions.