Jump upgrades JE Series eccentric disc pump range

Jump JE Series eccentric disc pump.
Jump JE Series eccentric disc pump.

Jump is able to offer a range of 6 sizes up to 96 m3/h and in ductile iron or 316L stainless steel construction and is now adding stainless cast iron to its fabrication capabilities.

Adding new materials will enable Jump to provide cost-effective solutions for some sensitive applications that do not necessitate the use of 316L stainless steel.

The JE Series pumps can be adapted for sensitive, abrasive or corrosive products and are also compatible with different types of connections (PN16 or PN20 flanges, hose barb, Clamp, SMS, DIN, MACON, etc.), allowing simple integration into existing facilities.

Disassembly of the mechanical seal is still facilitated. All elements can be removed without uncoupling the pump from the piping and the motor thus allowing easy access inside the pump to the mechanical seal cartridge.

In addition, the JE Series offer the following advantages:

  • self priming pump;
  • reversibility;
  • dry run capabilities;
  • strong suction and compression power enabling emptying of piping;
  • flow rate up to 96 m3/h;
  • transfer temperature from -5°C to +250°C;
  • maximum speed of 1000 rpm;
  • viscosity up to 15000 cSt;
  • ATEX certified.