KSB launches Ixo-Pro

Ixo-Pro, the fully automatic submersible pump for rainwater harvesting. (© KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal)
Ixo-Pro, the fully automatic submersible pump for rainwater harvesting. (© KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal)

This pump is for rainwater harvesting and pressure boosting applications. Fitted with an integrated pressure switch, flow sensor and lift check valve the pump set requires neither an automatic control unit nor a pressure vessel.

If a tap is opened, for example, the pressure in the system decreases, and Ixo-Pro is automatically started up via the integrated switchgear. It will remain in operation for the entire duration water is being consumed. When no more water is required, the pump stops. For dry running protection the pump is also stopped when the water level in the rainwater storage tank falls below a specified minimum. All these functions are fully automatic.

Catering for home owners

The pump comes with a 15 m-long power cable, so it can be installed in rainwater storage tanks at a distance from the house. The new system primarily caters to the needs of home owners who cannot employ a self-priming pump because their rainwater storage tank is located too far from the house. The system is suitable for use close to living quarters as the pump is positioned inside the rainwater storage tank and does not emit any noises that could bother the people living in the house.

For water intake just below the water surface a pump foot is available as an option to ensure a stable position on the floor of the rainwater storage tank. On one side, the pump foot is fitted with a connection for the flexible suction hose with plastic float and inlet strainer, making sure that the water intake is free from sediments.

Designed with a multistage hydraulic system, IXO-Pro is capable of generating pressures of up to six bar, so that washing, flushing or irrigation systems can be directly supplied with the required inlet pressure. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel.

The maximum flow rate is 3,900 litres per hour. The pump is available in two sizes with water-cooled motors of 0.8 or 1.2 kW drive rating. A double mechanical seal fitted between the motor and the hydraulic system of the pump protects the electric components from any moisture, thus ensuring a long service life.

If permanently installed, using the optional membrane-type accumulator is recommended. This will prevent the pump from being frequently started and stopped in case of leaking taps. It also reduces surge pressure, which can be caused by quick-closing hose spray guns, for example.