KSB launches new generation Etanorm pump

The type series of the new generation of KSB’s Etanorm standardised water pump comprises 43 pump sizes, which can be driven by either 2-pole or 4-pole motors. The selection chart has been extended by additional pump sizes, so that sizes can be selected even closer to the best efficiency point. In work with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for flow simulation KSB’s development engineers have optimised the hydraulic contours. The results were verified in comprehensive tests.

Thanks to the hydraulic system the pump sets already meet the EU requirements of Commission Regulation 547/2012/EC for water pumps, which will enter into force in 2015. The engineers placed a particular focus on suction behaviour and a low NPSH value, designed to minimise the risk of cavitation and obtaining a smooth and stable pump operation even in difficult operating conditions.

KSB reports that confined casing gaskets ensure reliable sealing between pump casing and casing cover even in highly varying operating conditions. The finite element method (FEM), a calculation method for solids simulation, was employed to improve the rigidity of the pump sets. This has increased the permissible forces and moments of external loads acting on the casings. The material range comprises cast iron, bronze and nodular cast iron as well as stainless steel.