Landia mixers complete 20 years of uninterrupted service

A decade later, eight POP-L-1 mixers from Landia were installed to create sufficient velocity in tanks equipped with bottom aeration and to ensure that sludge is properly homogenised and sedimentation is prevented. In total, 32 Landia mixers are now installed at the Rugby wastewater treatment plant, operating at low energy consumption levels, with only minimal routine maintenance required.

Rod Stanley, pump services manager at Severn Trent Water said: “We have had excellent service from the units on site, which we attribute to regular servicing and the Landia mixers being built to last.”

In addition to its mixers, Landia’s Chopper Pumps have significantly enhanced the throughput at one of Severn Trent Water’s pumping stations. At Powick sewage treatment works in Worcestershire, where rags had caused dry-well submersible pumps to clog up, Landia’s MPTK Chopper Pumps have continued working without blocking.