Lewa develops compact diaphragm metering pump range

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LEWA's new ecosmart metering pump.
LEWA's new ecosmart metering pump.

The different stroke frequencies of the drives allow adaptation to diverse fluids and process requirements. Lewa's Ecosmart pump is also the most compact metering pump with this performance. The pump from is suitable for pressures up to 80 bar and flow rates up to 300 l/h at temperatures up to 120°C. The pumps feature suction pressure down to 0.1 bar abs and feature three phase and AC motors standard drives according to IEC and NEMA. Frequency control for speed adjustment is also possible.

The design includes a PTFE sandwich diaphragm with diaphragm monitoring, a diaphragm protection system (DPS) and optimized check valves. An individually adjustable pressure relief valve prevents potential overload situations of the pump.

LEWA ecosmart complies with API 675 (American Petroleum Institute). The diaphragm metering pumps are suitable for water treatment in power plants, metering of additives in industrial water processing, pH adjustment, dosing of solvents in the chemical industry, feeding of corrosion inhibitors, dosing of colourants and flavours in the food industry, additive metering in the plastics industry and injection of chemicals in the oil & gas industry. Individual configurations are optionally possible, such as offshore paint, material test certificates or testing according to API.