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Lewa to present Ecodos diaphragm metering pump at Hannover Messe

Lewa says its Ecodos pump offers an economical and safe solution to pumping fluid in the low-pressure range. The company adds that the Ecodos diaphragm is mechanically driven, rather than hydraulically driven.

Lewa is also presenting the Ecosmart diaphragm metering pump with a plexiglass head, the Intellilab micro-metering pump, the odor control unit (OCU) for fully automated monitoring and control of odorizing systems, the Wilden PX8 pressure air pump and a Pomac rotary lobe pump.

At the Hannover Messe booth, visitors will be able to see an installation demonstration stand, where various operating states of a diaphragm metering pump can be viewed. This includes the behavior of the pump with low suction pressure and the influence of pulsation dampers and different pipeline designs.

Thanks to the plexiglass pump head used, interested parties can witness the pump process of a Lewa diaphragm metering pump and obtain valuable information about correct installation.

The Lewa Ecodos is suitable for virtually all metering and pumping tasks in the low-pressure range. (Source: Lewa GmbH)