Live webinar with Xylem: From digital twins to decision intelligence

On Wednesday 7 December 2022, World Pumps will host a free live webinar event in partnership with Xylem on how the digital twin can deliver transformative outcomes for water utilities.

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The webinar, entitled From Digital Twins to Decision Intelligence Across the Water Cycle, aims to help utilities answer three key questions: What role can digital twin technology play in optimizing operations? How can utilities apply this technology to maximum effect? and What can we learn from those utilities leading the way?


Delegates will learn:

  • What exactly a digital twin is and why it is important to a utility
  • What role digital twin technology can play in optimizing operations
  • How utilities can apply this technology to maximum effect
  • What we can learn from those utilities leading the way
  • 3 steps to start using a digital twin


Wednesday 7 December 2022 at 11.30 EDT


Michele Samuels, Global Practice Manager, Asset Performance, Xylem

Nicole Pasch, Client Solutions Manager, Xylem

Bryant McDonnell, Senior Manager, Hydroinformatics and Process Control, Xylem

Mike Otten, Director, Enterprise Digital Success, Xylem

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