Low flow peristaltic pumphead from Watson-Marlow

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The114 pumphead, with tubing.
The114 pumphead, with tubing.

The single channel 114 peristaltic pumphead from Watson-Marlow measures 64 x 64 x 41mm and features four rollers for reduced pulsation, and spring loaded tube holders with automatic tube stretching for high accuracy and repetitive flow and pressure performance. The pumphead has a 'flip top' design and is made of materials with chemical/detergent resistance and temperature stability, with fixings and ball bearings are manufactured from high grade stainless steel.

With the pumphead, rates up to 340ml/min can be achieved at 400 rpm using a 4.8mm bore tube. It features a universal drive connection that suits 6-10 mm drive shafts.

Watson-Marlow says that the 114 peristaltic pumphead is suitable for dental, surgical and dialysis equipment, as well as biotech, pharmaceutical and instrumentation (fermentation/bioreactor control equipment, clinical diagnostic instruments, dosing reagent machines), chemical (water analysis equipment, TOC analysers, dosing machinery), and food (vending machines, dispensing equipment).