May’s most popular World Pumps news stories

Wilden’s AODD remote monitoring, KSB’s consulting centre for additive manufacturing and Andritz’s new pump controller were the most-read stories on the World Pumps website in May 2020.

1. Wilden introduces first AODD remote monitoring

The Wilden SafeGuard is the industry’s first air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump Internet of Things (IoT) enabled remote performance monitoring and alert system.

2. KSB establishes consulting centre for additive manufacturing

The KSB Group has set up a new consulting and testing centre for additive manufacturing at its Pegnitz site in Germany.

3. Andritz presents new pump controller

Andritz has introduced its newly developed pump controller (APC), a flexible and individual control unit for interconnected pumps in sprinkler, wastewater, lifting, pressure boosting and fire extinguishing systems and in water supply networks.