MHI liquid hydrogen pump achieves 250 hours of operation on durability test

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd's (MHI) 90 MPa Class liquid hydrogen pump (LH2 Pump) has successfully reached 250 hours of operation on a long-term durability test.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' 90 MPa Class liquid hydrogen pump (LH2 Pump).
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' 90 MPa Class liquid hydrogen pump (LH2 Pump).

Working with hydrogen refueling solutions company FirstElement Fuel Inc (FEF), the test involved 300 run cycles of the pump resulting in 30 tons of liquid hydrogen transfer. This is the equivalent of fueling 1,100 fuel cell buses. The hydrogen transferred was used to refuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in California resulting in zero emissions transportation.

Inspection of the pump revealed that all internal components are still in excellent condition.

This test began in April at FEF's Hydrogen Distribution Hub in Livermore, California and will continue into next year.

The MHI LH2 pump has achieved an output of 160 kilograms/hour at a discharge pressure of 90 megapascals. MHI's LH2 pump design ensures that hydrogen loss due to boil-off is negligible thus enhancing the economics of the hydrogen refueling stations. The pump's best-in-class performance is enabling MHI to rapidly integrate the LH2 pump into hydrogen refueling stations and bring the product to the California market in the immediate future.

FEF operates a field-testing facility for hydrogen cryopumps at its Hydrogen Distribution Hub in Livermore. The field-testing capability allows for multiple, long run cycles of cryopump operations under real-world hydrogen conditions.