Flowserve and Chart Industries partner on hydrogen

Flowserve Corp and clean energy equipment company Chart Industries Inc have entered into an agreement to support the growth of hydrogen as an alternative, cleaner fuel source.

Image © nexusby - stock.adobe.com.

Under the agreement, Flowserve will acquire in-process R&D related to Chart’s liquid hydrogen fueling pump and will be Chart’s sole manufacturer and supplier of the pump once commercial production has begun.

Chart will use these pumps in its liquid hydrogen fuel station equipment for fuel cell vehicles. This equipment will be incorporated into systems that will be used to fuel hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric trucks, cars, buses, as well as future hydrogen vehicles. Currently, more than 100 liquid hydrogen fueling systems are planned to be put into operation over the next five years in locations including California, Australia and South Korea.

“We understand that hydrogen represents a significant opportunity in helping the world reduce carbon emissions, and one of the first steps in creating a sustainable hydrogen value chain is to innovate and commercialize hydrogen technologies,” said Scott Rowe, Flowserve president and CEO. “We are thrilled to partner with Chart to advance our offerings in the hydrogen market in alignment with our Diversification, Decarbonization and Digitization strategy, as well as support the development and commercialization of hydrogen as an energy source to build a better, brighter world for everyone.”

“Chart is proud to be recognized as a leader in the clean energy transition by providing technology, equipment and services related to the Nexus of Clean - clean power, clean water, clean food and clean industrials,” said Jillian Evanko, CEO of Chart Industries. “By partnering with a global flow control leader like Flowserve, we can accelerate the adoption of hydrogen infrastructure utilizing both teams’ core expertise.”